I Prayed in a Coffee Shop. OUT LOUD.

So, last week, I was contacted by someone who wanted to meet with me.

We agreed to meet at a local coffee shop (in between a MILLION kid things that required me to run all over town like a maniac…such is life of a mom of four).

I’m not going to lie. I’m always a little nervous when I meet new people. Maybe it’s the closet introvert inside of me wanting to hide in a cave somewhere alone with my journal – maybe it’s insecurities or maybe it’s just that I’m human and get uneasy when I’m not sure what I’m walking into. Either way, I get a bit nervous.

I arrived early, grabbed coffee and sat down.

(Actually that’s not true. I went to the bathroom to check my hair before sitting down. Stupid, I KNOW. But, I’m a girl and it was windy and it was the first time this person would meet me. Whatever. Why am I EVEN still talking about this)

So, I’m sitting there sipping my coffee praying for the Lord to help me overcome myself. Because, in the moments I get to be Jesus with skin on (which truthfully should be every minute of every day), the BIGGEST obstacle I am fighting is myself. The moment I stand in my own way, is when I risk missing the miracle God is inviting me to be a part of.

It sucks.

But it’s the truth.

I was internally fighting myself when she walked in. Nerves were present. But I powered through and she sat down.

As I listened to her story, any walls I had fell. I was surprised (yet again) that we are ALL human. ALL hurting and are ALL carrying a desperate, dying, insatiable need for Jesus.


The only difference between me and her is that I’ve walked a bit further down this road. And out of that comes a richness and a love for people just like her that is SO intense when it hits that I can’t stop the words, the tears and the anthem to cheer her on from flying out of me.

And that’s what I did.

I listened to her.

I cried with her.

And then I showered her in the only truth and hope I have to give:


I was intense. I was bold. I spoke with authority.

I breathed life into her deep, dark hole and cheered her on toward fighting for her freedom.

All wrapped up in a love so profound for someone I just met, that it is only explainable through knowing Jesus himself.

I can love because HE loved me.

I can use my words, my hands and my actions to heal ONLY because he healed me.

This is the gospel.

Coffee shop style.

(Which suits me better anyway) 😉

Image courtesy of khunaspix at freedigitalphotos.net

After a few hours of talking, she looked at me with tears streaming down her face and said,

I feel like you’ve given me some hope

She stood up to leave when (you guessed it) God told me to pray for her.

And, there I went again inside my head…

Oh….right. Pray for her.

Inside this coffee shop where EVERYONE will stare at us?

Of course you would want me to do that (a bit snarky)

Because that’s what being a Christian is:

Healing the sick and setting captives free everywhere I go.

(deep breath)


Right as she stood I blurted out,

I need to pray for you before you go

She said,


(I didn’t really ask permission)

I laid hands on her and the moment I began to pray, the whole room went silent. I swear, you could’ve heard a pin drop. My eyes were closed, but I’m pretty sure everyone was looking at us.

It rattled me.

But, I was committed so I just decided to press on and make this one COUNT.

And, people, I PRAYED.

Like I was in church.

Prophesying and all kinds of stuff.

But, I wasn’t in church.

I was in public.

In front of a bunch of people.

After I finished, my eyes were met by what-felt-like-a-million-but-was-probably-only-about-ten faces staring at me (their mouths weren’t open, but the look on their faces said they should’ve been)

Oh well.

That may be the only church they ever see. And, that might not be such a bad thing.

As I left the coffee shop I was SO pumped that I nearly tackled a lady smoking in the parking lot. I was ALL READY to start praying for her (again uninvited. I gotta work on that) but I was super late and had to keep moving.

Maybe next time.


6 thoughts on “I Prayed in a Coffee Shop. OUT LOUD.

  1. Girl, you make me cry and laugh all at the same time!!! I do so love reading what Jesus is doing in your life and how he’s using you to help others – even when it’s not so comfortable for you!!! You just keep praying in the coffee shop – you may never know it, but that prayer might have spoke to someone else in that room that really needed to hear what you had to say that night.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Wendi! I’m finding whenever we obey, the plan that we walk into is often MUCH greater than we would normally think. It’s a pretty exciting thing to be a part of.

  2. I’ve found a kindred spirit blogger. I’m three posts deep and I’ve GOT to get to writing myself, but sister, I’m smitten, with the Jesus in you. Keep praying; keep writing.

  3. I recently came across your story of going to the strip club on Facebook and have been devouring everything else you have posted. I’ve been out of the church for a long time; tired of being preached at. But your writing is reminding me that it’s not all about the stories in the Bible.Its about how you apply them to your life and reflect the love that is a constant part of His Word. Thankyou!!!

  4. Giiirrrl, you are a woman after my heart (which is after God’s heart)! With every post you write I relate on sooo many levels. I too am learning to be more bold in public, in private, and in my family. I have been struggling with the same emotions you speak of on healing. I have had to say some things to a grown man that I was super uncomfortable with (my dad by the way), but knew I had to be obedient. I may not be equipped with the best scripture verses in the moment, but I am equipped with a heart full of Jesus and love for others. There’s is nothing better than the blessing received in spirit when I obey his promptings and commandments. I’ve never done crack, but I imagine this is close to that high because after I have ministered to that person I didn’t know, or prayed outside of my “comfort zone” I am as high as a kite on life and ready to take anything on! (Or tackle strangers and pray for them as well. I totally imagined it in my head as I was reading it.)
    Your stories of God at work encourage me to keep on, go deeper, and know that I’m not the only one who’s ready to do something a little “crazy” or a little “unconventional”. To God be all glory for all things that his Spirit does in us and through us!

    P.S. Jake Hamilton tours with Todd White sometimes. I went to see Todd and Jake was singing. I have never been in a room so thick with the Holy Spirit. Jake’s music is my “get pumped” “prepare for battle” warrior music. Check him out if you haven’t already. Some of my favorite songs are War Drums, Beautiful Rider, and New Song.

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