I prayed for a healing. Gulp.

I decided to pray

So, I’ve had people ask me to pray for physical healing.

I have.

Sometimes they got better, sometimes they didn’t.

For me, it’s been a mixed bag of fear and faith and self-doubt (as though I had ANYTHING to do with it) and a complete misunderstanding of the whole concept.

For a while, I avoided praying for healing. Like seriously AVOIDED IT.

I didn’t want to get disappointed.

I didn’t want them to have false hope.

And I didn’t want to give anyone (including myself) any reason to throw prayer and God out the window.

So I just avoided it all together.

But then I heard stories from a friend about how she prayed for sick people and they ACTUALLY GOT HEALED. And how her kids never had fevers because she would pray and the fevers would leave.


*Side note* I’m telling you – the deeper you get into the real Jesus following thing, the crazier and more supernatural it gets. Some of the stories I hear….man! You just can’t make this stuff up.

I’ve been listening to Todd White who sees TONS of miracles everywhere he goes, most of which are healings. (If you haven’t already, go check him out on YouTube)

Add in there, all the times I read how Jesus preformed healing miracles and how that same power is supposedly living in me. Not to mention, He tells us to go heal the sick, etc.

All of this has challenged me.

As I wrote previously, I’ve been praying for divine encounters.

And they have been happening like crazy.

Like so much so that I can’t even write about it (most of which because they are very personal and confidential…and I haven’t figured out when and how I should write about them…or even if I should)

Just know people. It’s been CRAZY COOL.

But, over the past few days I’ve felt myself coming down with a cold. Every morning it was getting worse. Sore throat, coughing, sneezing, etc. I could tell, I was on a path to be down for a while.

But, there’s SO much going on!! So much cool God stuff, that I can’t really afford to be sick.

And then it hit me.

God prompted me to tell the sickness to leave.

Which made me uneasy.

After all it was JUST A COLD.

I mean maybe if it was some life threatening disease, I’d consider calling on the prayer warriors, but for a cold?? That just seemed silly.

But, I couldn’t shake it.

He wanted me to pray and tell it to go.

So, yesterday morning, as I was making my bed, I decided I would pray.

I told it to leave.

A few times.

And then I felt like I was done.

I’m totally being real with you right now, my throat has been fine ever since. The sneezing and coughing stopped too. It is CRAZY.

I’ve never experienced anything like that before!

Oh, but friends….FRIENDS! It doesn’t stop there.

Listen to this.

So, last night I was up late praying and talking with God about some things that have been going on and just telling Him how amazing He is.

I started to pray for someone I’ve been ministering to because I felt strongly in my spirit that last night would be pivotal for them.

And out of NOWHERE I was hit with a raging headache.

I never – hardly ever – get headaches. I just don’t. But this one came on something fierce.

I then remembered all of the things I mentioned earlier….I was especially reminded of my friend who told me she never got headaches because she prayed and they would leave (thank you Holy Spirit).

So, I did it.

I prayed.

I told it to leave and to get off of me (and to not bother anyone else on the way out).

And, what I’m about to tell you is strange, but honestly this is what happened:

Each time I prayed, I felt like something gripped my head. Everytime I told the headache to leave, it pulled harder….but each time, the pulling felt like it was moving farther away.

I told it to leave about 3 times.

And then something even crazier happened:

It left.


I had a headache. I prayed. It left.

And, you know, as I was going to sleep, I was contemplating what made this all SO easy. Effortless even.

Because, I really didn’t do anything spectacular. No screaming or carrying on. I didn’t even get out any anointing oil (sorry dad).

It was just…..easy.

Like I had the authority to tell it to leave.

Kinda like Jesus.

Only one thing that came to mind that is different now.

Just one word.


The only thing different in my life now (versus years ago) is that I’m completely surrendered to Him. I was saved then, I was a Christian…but there were parts of me….and my heart that I hadn’t let go control of.

What’s different now, is that I’m all in.

Like ALL IN.

Like, I don’t live to please you anymore.

I don’t live to impress you either.

In the words of Todd White, I’m finally tasting what it is to be free from myself.


I now live for an audience of one.

Apparently, that makes all the difference in the world. Not only in the authority to pray, but in the ability to live LIKE JESUS.

And, let me clarify, I don’t believe that I made that headache go away. God did. All I’m focused on isΒ doing what my Father tells me. That’s it. The outcome really doesn’t matter to me anymore.

So, surprisingly, I think I’m comfortable praying for healing now.

If he tells me to pray for a healing, I hope I will. And if they get healed, he gets the honor for that. Not me.

And, if they don’t, I’ll trust him and move on, knowing that I did my part.

It’s pretty cool being free from yourself.

As always, I want to hear from you!


10 thoughts on “I prayed for a healing. Gulp.

  1. Oof! That’s good. And tough. And a hard pill because I’m used to going to people with healing ministries and praying for weeks/months/years and sometimes, sometimes seeing it happen and sometimes not. And I get it and I’m on this weird, is that you God?, totally foreign journey of seeing people for what they are and how jesus wants to love on them, but Anna! I’m just soooo afraid of being “that friend” that nobody wants to hang with because she talks to people and does weird stuff! I mean… But there’s no going back. So I guess I’m gonna be that weirdo.
    As always, super inspiring. I’ve got a headache right now…….. Hmmmmm……. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜³πŸ‘

    • You are cracking me up, Mel! The only tough part is inside your head. Once you get rid of that, it really isn’t that difficult because your motivation has changed. It’s ALLLL in the motive. I’m not there 100% yet, but the small taste I’ve had is seriously freeing. From one weirdo to another πŸ™‚ love you sister!

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog! Jesus is increasing my faith about healing. I’m hesitant…but I know He is bigger and stronger than I realize. Learning. Thanks; I am encouraged!

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog! Jesus is increasing my faith in healing. I am hesitant…but He is bigger and stronger than I realize. Learning. Thanks; I am encouraged! (I just commented before using an avatar I just made because I am confused — thought I needed a second one because I have two blogs. Guess not!)

    • I am glad to hear I am NOT THE ONLY ONE completely confused by avatars. I think I have made a dozen by now. Whatever. Anyway, super awesome to hear from you and glad you stopped by!

  4. It’s true we as believers have authority through Jesus to pray and expect to see results. It’s just our human tendencies to think we are not good enough and we are not special and we are not the ones that can pray like others can. It’s God’s power not ours. Enjoyed the post.

  5. wow, I think we dumb down scripture when we doubt such healing is possible..for Jesus and the disciples healing and miracles were part of their ministry. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences and reminding us on the power we have as children of God to heal and be healed. Visiting from FB Christian Women Bloggers Unite today!

  6. I’m going to be honest, I’m agnostic. I always have been. I was born and raised in an atheist family. We don’t believe in a god, only sports and the possibility of a higher power. (Some of us anyway). I have been reading your blogs. I’m interested. I’m going to keep reading them for a bit now. I don’t think you’ll conform me or change my beliefs in anyway
    But I respect what ya got going. If you can see my email, you may reach out to me. I’d like to talk. Just my curiosity of this religious world I’ve hardly ever touched. I’d like to speak in depth of my problems with religion and honestly I’m curious if you could answer some things for me.

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