The Woman in the Car


I have a friend who lives in Alabama. She moved a few years ago and I still cling to the idea that one day she’ll come back…but she is married and has two gosh darn cute babies. *Sigh*

Yeah, my friend will probably not come back to KC.

However, we are still close and talk as much as we can. She and I have ventured down this Jesus following path together (like the ENTIRE WAY) and she is just as crazy in love with Him (and equally as challenged) as I am.

It’s awesome.

She told me about a recent post on Facebook from a woman she knows. I’ve never met this person. But, because my friend wanted me to read it, I paid attention.

I read it.

And, it was amazing.

I couldn’t help but contact the chick who wrote it (who is super awesome btw) and encourage her. I just had to. And, I just couldn’t help but share it with you.

It’s just too good.

This is a Jesus following moment at it’s finest.

MAN this is good.

Just read it.

“I walked to the store with my son. I said I would drive but was compelled to walk. Once we approached the Hwy my son crossed over, I waited in the dentist parking lot for him. A white truck pulled up. I didn’t really pay attention I thought maybe one of the dentist were dropping off supplies. I then see a young Caucasian female step out of the truck, and can see her hurt, broken… many things and I looked away. My son is now running back across the Hwy to return home.

We begin to walk back and the female is now in her truck but as I am passing it up I see a light. I hear the Lord say… go tell her to live. So I am almost home and I turn around to tell her what the Lord has said.

Now, I have ministered before. I am ordained, taught children’s church, lead Intercessors prayer, spoke at two Women’s conferences, the Lord wants me to share this because I know God is real, I believe in ministering but this time it was different…

As I walked to her window, she rolled it down and I said are you ok? She said I just got out of the hospital. I could see her pain was so deep. She said I’m just hurting so bad. I said can I pray with you? She said no I really don’t want to pray right now. I said that’s ok. I will still pray for you. I said God wants you to know He loves you and you can’t escape Him. She began to break.

I said He is with when you are at your lowest and will never leave you. She began to cry. I said He is with you and you are not alone… she began to cry and apologize for crying. I said it’s ok. I told her how beautiful she is to Him… continually told her the things He said of her. I said God said LIVE. She said are you an angel? I said no, but God is real.

She began to cry deeper and told me she was giving up on life, she cried more and said she lost a child at two and was angry at God. I shared a story of when I lost my sister. She said she has two handicap children at home and the children’s father doesn’t help her. I told her many more things God said.

She said, she used to be a missionary and lost her faith. Wow, I was blown away at this point. We talked more and she said no one is going to believe this happened… she couldn’t believe I was taking time out for her, she said it never happened before. I said God wants you to know He is with you.

I made a joke to lighten her heaviness. I said, What? No one is going to believe a little short black woman came and talked to you? She laughed, because there is still much prejudice where I live… in that moment she said tonight my faith has come back… she said I believe you came to help me believe again. Wow God I’m still in shock.”

Whattt??? Does it get ANY better than THAT?!

Share your thoughts. I wanna hear them.

2 thoughts on “The Woman in the Car

  1. Hahaaaaa love it! God’s so amazing! He keeps having me step out in faith. I prayed for a coworker and God told me about her neck and she was like wait how did you know about all that? And I told her it was bc God told me bc he loves her so much. So cool!!! Come on God! Let’s blow people away with His love!

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  2. I was so down and out and my faith so weak. I read this and it encouraged me so much. I thank God so much for sharing this with me.


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