To the Unqualified

unqualifiedI was having coffee with a friend the other day. We were talking about ministry and she shared how unqualified she feels.

Zac and I recently took a position at a church as the youth directors. And, the Lord and I have been talking a lot about this idea of being “ready” for ministry and what that really looks like.

I know what the world calls qualified – four years of school, a degree, some experience, and you’re deemed ready for whatever field you studied.

But, is working in the Kingdom like that?

These are questions I’ve been asking a lot because I’ve landed in ministry – with no training (by the world’s standards) and yet, here I am.

My first few weeks working at the church were difficult.

I felt like I didn’t belong – not because anyone made me feel that way, but because I didn’t have a piece of paper hanging on my office wall. I didn’t have any merits to brag about or any badges of honor showcasing that I had graduated from some awesome school with a degree in being spiritual.

How weird does that sound.

But, I believed God put me here, so I put my head down and got to work.

Daily, I fought voices in my head that were telling me I didn’t have what it takes. That I wasn’t ready. That I was going to totally screw up the youth group because I didn’t have a degree. Because, all I had to work with was the Holy Spirit.

Just the Holy Spirit.

That’s it.

Just Him.

I realized that the one thing I had, was the one thing Christ said I would need.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against seminary or pursuing a degree in ministry. I actually wanted to go to school many times. (Apparently, God had a different idea in mind for me…I kept having babies) 😉

So, there I was preparing for my first sermon as an official “leader” of this church, and I was fighting tremendous amounts of self-doubt and criticism.

While staring blankly at my notes, the Lord spoke:

Anna, you’ve already fought your lion and your bear…

Immediately, I remembered David. This little shepherd kid who had no training whatsoever.

When David volunteered to fight Goliath, the king offered his own armor to David.

But David couldn’t move in it.

Because that armor wasn’t made for David.

He knew how to fight – it’s just his armor didn’t look like what they were used to. It looked ordinary, plain and dirty.

It looked like a shepherd.

You see, while David was tending his sheep, the Lord was training him to fight. He learned on a lion and on a bear – he learned how to battle when no one was around.

The King’s armor didn’t work because it wasn’t meant for David.

He needed a slingshot and some rocks.

That’s it.

That’s how he’d been trained.

And David did what an entire army equipped with armor, battle gear and military training couldn’t.

He killed Goliath with a rock.

As I sat having coffee with my friend, I told her the same thing the Lord used that story to tell me:

Quit trying to wear someone else’s armor.

It may be what is expected, it may be what people are used to, it may even be what kings use – but if it isn’t yours it’s not going to work.

Wear YOUR armor. Whatever that looks like. Whatever the Lord has equipped you with inside your four walls, USE IT.

We’re in a season where God is raising up the stay at home moms, the janitors and the taxi drivers. He’s taking the overlooked, unnoticed and unqualified. He is POURING His spirit into them. Like in crazy amounts.

In livingrooms, bedrooms, cars and bathrooms all across the nation, he is revealing himself to people who are unafraid to seek him. Those who aren’t in it for the title or the glory – they are just in love with HIM.

He’s wrecking them. Changing them. Strengthening them. Healing them. Restoring them. Molding and shaping them into POWERHOUSES that will terrorize the kingdom of hell.

He’s raising warriors.

Warriors to take on the Goliaths of this generation.

But they don’t look like you think they should.

They look a whole lot LIKE DAVID.

This is good news for you and me.

All that’s required is surrender to Him. Like literally, that’s IT. Complete, utter surrender.

Get alone in your room. Seek Him. Worship Him. Ask him to speak to you and to completely transform you into the warrior you were designed to be.

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.1 Corinthians 1:27


8 thoughts on “To the Unqualified

  1. This is beautiful and timely!! I love to hear your heart because it’s Jesus speaking and a lot of the time, it’s exactly what I need to hear.

  2. I know you said the comments were disabled on your other post but I really needed to say that your post was amazing!! I hope one day more people find that loving someone no matter what is more fulfilling than hatred and judgement! ❤️💛💚💙💜

  3. Hi Anna! I just discovered your blog today. What a God send! I’m learning to completely surrender everything to Him daily and am praying for wisdom and guidance as I continue to discover my path in Him. There has been a lot of pain and heartache in my life to bring me to this point, however, recently I have this new view of everything and everyone around me and I was explaining this to a friend. They said don’t you think that’s the Holy Spirit? They have seen the changes in me and how the power of God has transformed my life. I’ve been going to and serving in church for many years and have finally come to a personal relationship with the One True Living God and it feels incredible! I’m still learning to recognize the leading of the Spirit and am looking for Him to guide me as I pursue my purpose in Him. This article was perfect for me right now as I have felt so unqualified even though my friends tell me I have a gift and have so much wisdom I need to share with others. I’m leading a small group of women and have loved witnessing God work through their lives. I’m in awe watching God move all around me. I’m following your blog for continued inspiration. Thank you and God Bless you and your family!

  4. O my own way, the way of ChristyWhen you speak about Christ, remember that if you go against the Word of God, then you do not know Jesus at all. Jesus is the whole word of God, Nd we cannot speak for Him unless we quote Him in that instance. Since there were no people who changed sexes, there is no reference other than His reference based on homosexuality. And since He is the whole Word of God, then those references do not expect us to love sinners but to set them on the straight path. When you encounter a drunk, do you paternize his habit? Anyway, your way is between you and God, and I will go my own way, the way of Christ who told us not to bend to sin, no matter who is the sinner. LOve God first.

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