Anna McCarthy

Hi. First of all, I’d love to meet you for coffee. Although writing can be super vulnerable, there’s something about meeting a person face to face. So, we’ll pretend we’re sitting in the corner of a coffee shop with all the time in the world. Sound good??

Soooo…(taking a sip of coffee) here’s what I’d want you to know about me: my life has been messy – like, really messy – and things haven’t always turned out how I expected.

But, one thing is constant in the chaos: journals. Lots and lots of journals.  I am often found sitting on the floor, pouring out my heart on paper. Writing is my therapy.

My love for writing began as a 13 year old sitting in her room talking to this guy I’m still obsessed with (you may have heard of him? He’s called Jesus. He’s freakishly amazing).

This connection has sustained me and pulled me through some of my darkest moments. But, ultimately it introduced me to love and drew my heart towards people; towards introducing them to the same incredible love-source that I knew.

However, the good, amazing, loving, freeing gospel I know isn’t one I see often inside of churches or religious institutions. This is what propelled me to embark on a different kind of journey: just being a Jesus follower.

I believe God’s spirit is found in the most unexpected places and inside the most unexpected people. So, here I am with a life probably just as messy as yours. But, my heart cries out for people – to find freedom from religious oppression. And for sons and daughters to be known, loved and embraced.

Whoever you are, whatever your story, I love you. And there’s room at this table for you.

As far as the different hats I wear, some of my titles are/have been: mom, youth director, pastor, friend, mentor, writer, speaker and serious chocolate lover.

Anna is the published author of two books, Forgiveness is Not an Option (non-fiction) and The Red Stones (YA fiction). Her provoking articles have been published on multiple platforms including on-line and printed magazines. 

To read her parenting blog (funny, lighter stuff) go to: The TODAY SHOW Parenting Team

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