Anna Dimmel

Why just a Jesus follower?

One of the interesting things about Jesus was who he didn’t follow: religious leaders, the church, political powers, the majority, the strong, successful or wealthy.

Instead, he created his own movement where he showed the world a different way. One where the smallest voice matters, the weak are seen as strong, the outcast is included, the poor are given priority and the “sinner” is not condemned – all of this done in the name of a loving, kind, radically grace driven God.

After years of living (and working) inside mainstream Christianity, I decided to step outside the lines and just follow Jesus instead. I love people. I love the Divine. And I am passionate about bringing change to our church culture to resemble the safe, inclusive, loving, grace-filled space that Jesus embodied.

Anna currently resides in Kansas with her four daughters and dog Penelope. She is is a blogger, podcaster and author of two books, Forgiveness is Not an Option (non-fiction) and The Red Stones (YA fiction). Her articles have been published on multiple platforms including on-line and printed magazines. Her roles have included pastor, philanthropist, speaker, freelance writer and professional trouble maker. 

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