Hi there! I’m Anna Dimmel. My passion is to serve those who feel out of place inside faith communities for thinking differently, asking questions or having an out-of-the-norm story.

My work is focused on welcoming the outsider, being a voice for the voiceless and walking alongside the tired and hurting to rise strong on the other side. As a girl who spent her whole life trying to fit inside the “box”, I’ve learned that forcing yourself to fit the mold comes at a high price. But, if you dare to step outside the lines and encounter the Divine in the wilderness, true freedom and an authentic identity await you there.

After 10 years of ministry, pastoring and a painful divorce, I decided to crack open the door and invite you into my journey of encountering the Divine in the wilderness and how I have been an out-of-the-box Jesus follower all along.

In my blog, podcast and written works you can expect honest, real conversation centered on following Jesus (not the majority, institutions or groups – Jesus tended to oppose all of those things), different perspectives on theology, relationships, church issues and inner healing work. I think you will be surprised to find just how many people are out there just like you.

I promise, no matter the journey, no matter the twists and turns, you CAN embrace all of it. Every part of your story matters and I am so happy you’re here.

A few things to know about me: most days you can find me working at a desk, running kiddos around town or snuggled under a blanket writing. When I’m not busy working, you can usually find me researching history, daydreaming about the beach and sneaking dark chocolate.

Still here? Let’s connect! Send me an email on my contact page here or come visit me on Instagram.

Grace and peace,


Anna currently resides in Kansas with her four daughters and dog Penelope. She is a blogger, podcaster and writer. Her roles have included mom, pastor, philanthropist, speaker, and professional trouble maker. She is currently studying pre-law at Liberty University. 


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