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    Dear Church: you are free to love people

    Nearly every church I have been a part of, spoken at or visited shares a common theme: they all claim to love people. Some of you may be like, duh Anna, of course we love people. Isn’t that the whole idea of the gospel? While others of you are like, heck to the no. I felt ANYTHING but love at my church. And this is exactly why I wanted to write this particular post. Let me just start by saying, I believe (for the most part) that the majority of people inside church sincerely believe they are loving. After all, it is what Jesus told us we would be known…

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    What did Jesus really save us from?

    There has been much discussion lately around this idea of hell. Readers have reached out to me on numerous occasions asking me the same question: do you think hell is a real place? I can almost hear the fear resounding in their words as they painfully type the question… It’s the question from congregants that even causes pastors to squirm: what about my loved ones or family members who don’t attend church or who don’t believe like we do – will they go to hell?? These are the moments I think all of us wish Jesus were here to clarify – to set the record straight so we could be…

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    To the Deconstructing Christian

    There’s been a lot of talk recently around this idea of deconstruction inside the Christian faith. I think for many people, the idea of deconstruction can hold a variety of different meanings. Leaving many scratching their heads wondering, Is that me? If you find yourself questioning what you’ve always believed or what you were always “taught” to believe about God, the Bible or Jesus or your church or denomination or what have you –then you are probably somewhere inside the deconstruction category. Some of you may already know this, but for others it may completely freak you out. The ironic thing is, anyone on a spiritual journey has most likely…